Inspired by nature or in simple elegance, discover the full range of handmade, unique and elegant finger jewelry.

animal footprint ring
Inspired by tracks in the snow on a winter morning, the track ring was created, a now very popular classic from the goldsmith Kaddick. Thanks to a special and elaborate manufacturing technique, the track ring gets its unique, distinctive design. Here the traces of hare and wild boar adorn the piece of jewellery. The ring is handcrafted from high-quality 750 gold and set with the coloured gemstones ruby and emerald. (Total 0.10 ct.).

animal tracks platinum ring
One of our most popular classics, the track ring. Thanks to a special and elaborate manufacturing technique, the traces of fox, hare and black grouse run without distortion like traces in the snow around the piece of jewellery, despite the rounded shape of the ring.Each track is sawed by hand and penetrates the material completely, creating a unique and distinctive design. As a special eye-catcher, this piece was set with fine white diamonds and natural brown diamonds. Stamped and signed by master goldsmith Stephan Kaddick.PlatinumBrilliant. LUP/TW total 0.17 ct; natural brown total 0.12 ct.Ring width 57.

Arnica flower ring
Unique piece of a special kindAlso for this hand forged unique piece we have been inspired by nature.The result is an arnica flower made of high-quality 750 yellow gold and a beautiful sunstone. Its typical reddish flitter creates a great contrast to the golden petals. Through their clever arrangement it is possible to combine unique design and optimal wearing comfort.This masterpiece from KADDICK is unique. The ring size will be adjusted for you free of charge in our workshop after purchase.

Bavarian Gentian Ring
The gentian plants are often characterised by their deep blue and strong colour, which is why they are regarded as a symbol of loyalty. The gentian is also used to obtain remedies. So it is not surprising that this gentian flower is also made of 750 yellow gold, an important piece. In the middle of the five curved petals, a special stone picks up the typical gentian colour. The centre of the ring is formed by an extremely rare star sapphire in a bright blue with 14.17 ct. It is surrounded by five miniature diamonds. Typical for starstones are three intersecting rays of light, which produce a star effect or asterism. They are said to represent faith, hope and destiny. There are only cabochon-cut starstones, but other corundums, such as ruby or purple sapphire, can also have stars. Yellow or orange sapphires, on the other hand, do not. Most of all starstones have their origin in Sri Lanka and have been appreciated for centuries for their appearance and rarity. Untreated stones as large as this one are extremely rare and will never change colour.

Dressage Horse
A special alloy was produced for this unique dressage horse made of high-quality 18-carat yellow gold. The filigree bridle is made of platinum, the eye of the horse is made of a natural coloured small diamond. A diamond 1,16 ct with a purity of VVS2-SI1 completes the unique piece. Stamped and signed by master goldsmith Stephan Kaddick.

Duck Ring
Duck ring made of 750 / yellow gold with emerald cabochon (2,32 ct)

Emerald Ring
Emerald Ring This ring is worked with a very nice transparent green emerald in cabochon cut. The even round ring rail gives the ring a sporty and elegant touch. The ring head has a width of 1.48 cm.

Fire opal ring
Handmade ring in classic design. The ring band made of high quality 750 gold is opened up by a channel (groove) and gives the unique piece a special lightness. The orange-red fire opal comes from a Mexican gemstone mine and forms the heart of the ring.

Fish Ring
Handcrafted unique piece made of high-quality 750 gold and small blue sapphires and diamonds. Each fish is sawn out by hand. The ring is signed and stamped with the master stamp.

Fishtail Ring
Color: Platinum 950
The Fishtail Ring stands for a particularly elegant shape. And classical timeless Ring. Handcrafted from high quality materials, the ring is available in 18 Carat gold, yellow gold, red gold, white gold and platinum available. Design and craftmanship Fabian Kaddick

footprint ring
Handmade, exclusive unique specimen in the form of a wild boar track. The ring was handmade in our traditional Munich workshop from high-quality 750 gold and refined with emeralds (a total of 0.49 ct.). This unique piece is signed and punched.

Fox Ring Moonlight
moonlightFox ring made of 750 gold with cabochon-cut moonstone. Handcrafted and signed.

A unique specimen that makes golfer's hearts beat faster. On the handmade ring a golfer is shown at the tee. The golf ball in flight is symbolized by a diamond above the "bunker". Of course, the flagpole and clubhouse are not to be missed. All details were sawed out by hand. Made of high-quality 750 gold and platinum. This masterpiece from KADDICK is also unique. The ring size will be adjusted for you in our workshop after purchase free of charge.Materials: 750 gold and platinum, brilliant 0.06 carat Si fine white

Grandl head ring
Grandlkopf Ring forged from 750 gold with grandl and 2 flawless, fine white brilliant-cut diamonds (total 0.20 ct). This ring is also completely hand-forged and signed.

Grandl ring
Since the Palaeolithic, i.e. since the early Stone Age, deer teeth have been used as hunting jewellery. In this unique piece they decorate a curved pheasant feather made of high-quality 750 gold. We are also happy to process your Grandeln.

Horse jumping
Horse jumping over a green obstacle represented by an emerald of 1.14 carats. The ring is made of 750 gold. The eye of the horse consists of a small diamond.Manufacture: Complete individual production.

Karneol Ring
Carnelian Ring made of 750 gold with carnelian. Very nice, pleasant carnelian shade. Classic ring. Made by the goldsmith Kaddick.

Moonstone Ruby Brilliant Ring
In the center of the ring is the moonstone with a beautiful blue - white shimmer, diagonal to the finger. This stone is surrounded by rubies (total 0.16 ct) and diamonds (fine white / VS total 0.14 ct). The material consists of 750 gold.

Music Ring
This unique, handmade unique piece makes the hearts of music fans beat faster. Natural black diamonds have been set into the hand-sewn notes. You want to wear your personal favourite song on your finger? We would be happy to make your very own personal music ring. This piece of jewellery is hand forged from high-quality 750 gold and is a unique piece. We will gladly adjust the ring width for you free of charge after purchase.

Opal ring
Sporty/airy, handmade ring with a great "boulder opal" from Australia. The two 750 gold ring bands, slightly inclined to each other, make it very comfortable to wear. On the side of the boulder opal, which is set in 900 gold, there is a diamond of the same quality, fine white with small inclusions (in total 0.12 ct). Made in our Munich workshop.

Palm Ring
A ring that awakens holiday desires. Even in stressful times, the hand-sewn palm trees will not make you forget how important occasional rest is. Handmade from high quality 750 gold and blue sapphires. This masterpiece from KADDICK is also unique. The ring size is adjusted free of charge for you in our workshop after purchase.

Lovingly handcrafted unique Pheasants are elegant, fascinating and particularly magnificent animals. Already in the antiquity they were illustrated in numerous colour mosaics. Over the centuries the pheasant has been used again and again in mythology and as a symbol in the fine arts. In Chinese symbolism, for example, it stands for luck, prosperity and light.We have dedicated a special ring to this legendary bird.The magnificent plumage made of high quality 750 red gold has been worked out to the last detail.A mandarin garnet with 1.7 carat gives the ring a harmonious splash of colour and picks up the colourful plumage of the bird. The long tail feathers nestle pleasantly on the finger and combine unique design with optimal wearing comfort.Every detail was handmade by master goldsmith Stephan Kaddick. This masterpiece is also unique. The ring size is adjusted for you in our workshop after purchase free of charge.

Rabbit Ring
This ring is handmade from high quality 750 yellow gold and is a unique creation of master goldsmith Stephan Kaddick. It depicts a rabbit jumping. The animal is filigree worked out, the details hand sawn. The eye of the hare is made of a diamond with 0.03 ct and is set in white gold. In addition, the centre of the ring forms a star ruby with 4.1 ct. In natural light a beautiful star forms in the middle of the stone. Convince yourself and visit us at the goldsmiths Kaddick

Rhombus Ring
The ring is worked with a rhombus-shaped rhodolite (1.99 ct). The rhodolite belongs to the garnet group and is characterized by its high light refraction as well as its particularly beautiful transparent red tone. On the side of the stone a pointed segment with white colorite is applied. The ring band is made of platinum and 750 gold. The ring is made by a master hand and is unique. Stamping platinum + 750 gold, master stamp and Münchner Kindl. The ring diameter is 17.2 mm, which corresponds to the ring width 54/55. The ring size can of course be adjusted by us.