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Classic diamond earrings with six prongs

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The small size of our favourite platinum pins. Available in platinum or yellow gold. For this... more

The small size of our favourite platinum pins. Available in platinum or yellow gold.

For this piece of jewellery flawless stones with a high degree of colour (G) and a total size of 0,14ct are used.

Our new Brilliant studs are set with six prongs. This is a little bit more work but the claws cannot twist at the ear. The ear studs are therefore always perfectly aligned. As material we use platinum or 18 carat yellow gold. The high-quality alloy prevents allergies. The settings themselves are handcrafted and we do not use the production method of inferior casting.
Of course the diamonds come from conflict-free trade and the gold from recycled material.
Diameter of the diamond plugs. (top view) approx. 3,5mm.

Our diamond ear studs are handmade in our Munich goldsmiths.

Precious metal: Platinum, Yellowgold
Edelsteine: Diamond / Brilliant
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