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Firmengeschichte Teil 2

Company history part 2


years of apprenticeship

In the second part of our company history we take you back to the years 1919 - 1934, the journeyman years of Anton Graswald up to the foundation of the company. A particularly important period for our current family business.

After completing his apprenticeship, Anton continued to work in the company of court goldsmith Karl Rothmüller. Afterwards, as was customary at the time, he worked for several years for various companies. Among them Georg Betz, jos. Fuess, B.Neresheimer-K-Zisch and Josef Ebner. His talent for the goldsmith's craft is also confirmed here in the best job references.

Master craftsman examination

In contrast to that time, the Chamber of Crafts no longer prescribes journeyman's time today. You can start directly to the master craftsman examination. This development is argued with the fact that students also do not have any professional experience after their graduation. From a personal point of view, however, this is an undesirable development that has led to a lower level in the master craftsman examinations. This is because the journeyman's time as a journeyman serves to significantly improve his skills and knowledge, both in practice and theory. Artistic and technical perfection requires a lot of time and practice. Even if the training path is so long, the years as a journeyman are a particularly valuable and formative time for an aspiring goldsmith.

In spite of difficult external circumstances, A. Graswald has always had a good education, thanks to his passion and talent. As a journeyman from 1919-1931 and later as a master craftsman from 1931-1934, he passed his examination for the master craftsman's diploma with top marks in 1931 and from then on worked as a workshop manager. Finally, however, the world economic crisis reaches him too and with it his dismissal. His last employer had to close due to a lack of orders. We find ourselves in the period of the Weimar Republic and its Reich Chancellors, a period of hyperinflation, followed by short-term stabilization, subsequent economic crisis and the resulting mass unemployment.


Master Letter from Anton Graswald

Jewelry of the Art-Decó

Arriving in the era of Art Decó, the jewelry becomes more symmetrical. Usually a center is worked out. Especially brooches, bracelets and rings enjoy great popularity. The elaborately mounted pieces of jewelry produce true masterpieces. Already the design drawings are impressive works. In the attached video you can admire the collected originals. In addition to the classic jewelry, unique diadems and watch cases are also manufactured. Diamonds are particularly in demand. For smaller trimmings the 8/8 Kant cut is mainly used. Larger diamonds come closer to the current brilliant cut in proportion and number of facets (57 pieces).

Company foundation

Although the economic conditions seem hopeless, Anton Graswald decides to remain faithful to the goldsmith's craft and take his fortune into his own hands. He became self-employed on June 22, 1934. In the next part of our company history, you will learn how the newly founded goldsmith business continued in the first few years.


Original registration certificate from 1934

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