jewelry restoration

your restoration workshop for historical jewelry

in the heart of Munich

preserve & conservation 

Preserving jewelry for future generations is a passion. Often it is collectors or family members who commission us to restore the piece of jewelry. Apart from the necessary investments, in the past a suitable skilled worker was not always available. Therefore, loose eyelet movements and fractures were often stiffened with tin without further ado. In most cases, no thought was given to "pewter corrosion" and further damage. In addition to the value-preserving benefits, it is especially important to us to be able to pass on jewelry to future generations. In addition to modern tools we have centuries-old tools and guard the recipes of old gold colors and alloys, which allow us to restore in style.

There is a permanent selection of old ship diamonds and diamond roses, as well as the possibility of having single-cut gemstones, hair braiding, engraving and enameling.

wearable jewelry

Restoration begins with the change of the ring width. We take special care not to damage foiled stones, enamel and hair braiding. Existing master marks are preserved. The gold color and the ring pattern cannot be seen after processing. Finally, it is especially important to us that the "charm" of your jewelry is preserved. Even if the jewel is cleaned and looks "fresh" the patina lends a certain dignity.

functional safety

An important issue with jewelry that is meant to be worn is functional safety. Stone settings and eyelet movements show signs of wear over the centuries. Additional security of brooches and clasps prevents the loss of cherished pieces. Through fashion, further wearing possibilities arise that can be complemented in style. Even many a brooch from the 19th century looks quite charming today worn on a silk ribbon.

missing jewelry parts

We also make and document missing jewelry parts. A great advantage, in addition to the modern equipment, is our tool collection, which dates back to the 18th century and was not yet subject to the DIN standard. In the case of missing gemstones, we offer our own selection of antique-cut stones as well as the possibility of single-cut work.