Gemstones/Commissioned work

Choose "your" precious stone or "your" pearl from our extensive range.
We have selected some special pieces , which can be processed into jewellery of high quality gold and platinum alloys.

After checking the gemstones‘ quality for purity, colour, weight and cut, the draft is outlined. By great chance we were able to get back many hand drawn sketches out of two generations that had been produced for jewelers in Munich. Not only for us is it always special to hold a piece of jewelry that was modeled by those sketches.

After the customer chose one of the sketches, he choses the material next. Concerning this a little excursus: After world war 2, gold was rationed. To use it economically one worked with 585/000 = 14 carat. Today this material still is often used for serial productions and simple quality work. Many goldsmith companies use this cheap material for economic reasons. They save money in a wrong way! For high quality work, where the manufacturing costs are far higher than the material price, we use prettier and higher quality gold. Also complicated parts can easily be made out of 750 / 000 = 18 carat, as historic work shows.

When processing the piece of jewelry we also use techniques from the earliest time of goldsmith’ art. Here, handcraft and therefore the human is very important. It is possible to allocate handmade jewelry to certain provinces and artists because of their design and execution. The work is processed in a constantly proceeding way. This is what differs the jewelry from serial productions. There is no loss of quality. Those serial productions are oftentimes marked and selled as handmade. We want to specifically isolate ourselves from that behavior. When manufacturing handmade jewelry we forge gold wires and gold platings individually and coordinate them. We take special features of the particular gemstone in account during the whole process. The individual pieces ware manufactured separately before they are put together. That way we can process the materials differently corresponding to their mechanical load. We also use different ornamental techniques and colour combinations. A glimpse to the back of the piece of jewelry can show an expert much.
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