Preparation of certificates

Preparation for certificates
jewelry, pearls, gold- and silverwork

Declaration of value, insurance, division of an estate.

The costs depend on the amount of time used. You will get a specific offer after we saw the piece of jewelry.

delivery time
On request, usually 3 weeks

1. Arrangement of an appointment by telephone
(Inspection of the piece of jewelry and estimation of costs, taking over of the order with documentation in pictures and confirmation of transfer)

2. Creation of the certificate

3. collection of the certificate
(Piece of jewelry with confirmation of transfer, payment via bill, cash, ec card or Visa)

Qualifikation Stephan Kaddick

  • Master of goldsmith
  • Further education in switzerland
  • Gemmology in Idar-Oberstein
  • Europeann gemmologist since 2000
  • Member of the committee of master tests since 2004

Member of expert groups

  • Deutschen Gemmologischen Gesellschaft e.V.
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Edelsteinkunde
  • Guild of the gold- and silversmith' of Munich and Bavaria
  • Board of the master tests of gold- and silversmith handcraft
  • Europa Gemmologe FEEG


Payment for expert services

The time needed to create a certificate can be evaluated after inspecting the piece of jewelry, so we can express a specific offer.


The replacement value outlines the value of the piece of jewelry that is has in retail. Therefore it is oftentimes called insurance value.

The market value is determined by the price that would be possible to reach in normal business operation refering to the condition of the object. All conditions that influence the price will be regarded. Unusual and personal values will not be taken in account. (compare IHK München u.Obb. The market value depends on the time the certificate was created and on the level of trade.

Impairment is usually evaluated when the piece of jewelry is damaged. The residual value is also taken in account.

Bill ofquality

  • Creation of picturial material.
  • Registration of the piece of jewelry refering to description, weight, mass, number of pieces.
  • Examination of the material and definition of fineness.
  • Classification of the execution of the woek and the used techniques.
  • Examination of the kind of stone by means of different gemologic studies: Refractometry, mikroscopic examinations, polarizing device, dichroic device, specific gravity, UV-Light.
  • Examination of the colour using various techniques. Examination of purity and cut.
  • Examination of surface, shape, luster etc. and examination of the kind of pearl.
  • Calculative examination of the weight of the stones by mesurement considering the specific weight.
  • Evaluation of the gemologic results.
  • Evaluation of the price considering the quality of the gemstone as well as the value of the material and the costs of production.
  • Creation of the certificate.

Extra inspection in extern labs on request.

  • Roentgen examination; Pearls
  • Determination of the coloerfastness; Diamond
  • Determination of origin; Colourd gemstones
  • Infrared spectrum analysis; Colourd gemstones
  • Mesurement of the thickness of the coating
  • Other price researches

Description of the certificate

In the certificate the pieces of jewelry are shown with a picture and text.
For an easier way of allocating, especially in case of huge estates, the pieces of jewelry are also marked with numbers.